The Alberta Pioneer Auto Club was first conceived on July 7th, 1957 in the shop of Mr. Chauncy Cassidy of Great Falls, Montana.  Mr. Cassidy suggested  that Ken Taylor start a vintage car club in Calgary.  This was taken back to Calgary, and the first to show an interest was Mr. Jack McCann.

From that time until the spring of 1959, Jack & Ken spent many hours trying to draw up plans for an antique or vintage car club.  In February of 1959, Ken visited with Sam Nickle Jr., of Purity 99, who also had two old cars.  They agreed that a car club should be started in Calgary, so the boardroom of Purity 99 was made available and an ad was put in the Calgary newspapers on February 18th, 1959.  The ad read:
"If you own an antique automobile or are interested in joining an antique car club, please contact Ken Taylor.  Phone 1010-Langdon, or Jack McCann phone AVO-7888, or attend formative meeting, Monday the 23rd of February, Anglo American Exploration Ltd., Board Room, 320 9th Ave W."

Officers were elected at the first meeting, and they got together to build a constitution which, in part, is still used today.  The name "Alberta Pioneer Auto" was chosen at one of the first few meetings.  Gradually the new club grew.  Ken Taylor was the first President, Jack McCann Vice President, and Bob Taylor was the first Secretary-Treasurer.

In May of 1959 five cars were displayed at the Sports Car Show in the Auditorium.  The first Tour was a trip to Chestermere Lake in July of 1959, where 9 cars took part.  These events were followed by others in the form of movies, tours, picnics, a trip to the Pion-Era and others.

Since then the club has become one of Canada's most active and respected clubs.  From the obscure little group in 1959 having 14 members, our club currently has a membership of about 100
Calgary, Alberta

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